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We Need You!

We always appreciate and welcome your help at the Animal Center!

Volunteers are the heart and soul of CTSAC.

We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities from working directly with the animals at the shelter,

to providing essential support for our many programs. 

Volunteer work is done between 8am and 5pm every day of the week.

For information about our volunteer program, call (325) 646-0617

or email our Volunteer Coordinator: 

Volunteers can be as young as 12 years old (with parental supervision/participation),

and we ask that volunteers work a minimum of five hours a month. Contact our volunteer coordinator for details.


We need volunteers to walk and socialize the shelter dogs. Spending time with the animals helps

them become more adoptable. If you have experience training dogs, all the better. Dogs that know

sit, stay, and come commands are easier to adopt, and dogs that know how to let us (and their

future adopters) know they have to go to the bathroom are wonderful to have!

The dogs don't groom themselves, and they tend to get pretty dirty playing in their pens and being

walked around the shelter. If you have experience grooming dogs,

or even just brushing dogs, please come on by and help out our staff.

Cats and kittens need socialization, too. We'd love it if you would come down and spend some time

with our kitties. They need to be petted, groomed, and given the opportunity to play. Cats that shy

away from humans are not likely to ever leave the shelter. The best way to give cats the confidence

to approach visitors to the shelter is for our volunteers to play with them,

letting them know people are A-Okay.

Our interactions with the public are the gateway to successful adoptions.

Can you answer questions about dogs and cats, or do yo have time to help with an off-site event?

Smiling, happy people at our events means more cats and dogs get into loving homes!

A volunteer made this website. Volunteers help us answer phones and file paperwork.

They greet our visitors. They design our applications and worksheets.

If you have any type of office experience, or even if you want some to put on a resume,

we would really appreciate your help. We really just can't survive without our volunteers!

If you want to get down and dirty, there's always tons of cleaning to be done, and laundry runs

almost all day! That's not to mention all the animals in need of a good bath.

No pooper-scooper experience required!

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